Tuesday, December 18, 2007

oh the irony...

"May all your Christmas's be green," reads a sign in a downtown window which my bus passed this morning.
It's as gray as possible in rainy San Francisco today. Everyone is soggy and umbrella toting. I think I bought a green coat specifically to offset the basic black I wade through most mornings. My umbrella has sunflowers on it. "Green is the new pink" I'm told, referring as much to the actual color as the tag word for the direly needed sustainability trend. "Eco is such an '80s word," one of my younger coworker opined, which makes me laugh as my college days at UCSC were full of "ecology" classes; and Naropa turned me on to Deep Ecology. More people are aware than they were 20 years ago but there's plenty of ways to recheck the old green meter. How to find the natural moments between the cracks of cement that come with urban living? I picked up a beautiful green, red and yellow leaf on my break as a reminder to question my habitual tendencies, which of course brings me back to yoga, which is all about retraining mind and bod and is my m.o. for just about everything (Somehow it didn't surprise me when my dr.'s office left a message for me mid-yoga-practice to tell me they'd rescheduled my appointment because the medical doctor was ill!)

Today, like most days, I had gone to the yoga studio before work where I continue to learn new tricks despite my older-dog status. A wave of senior teachers has come through SF the past week and put another boot to my practice. Very good, if tiring. ...I also contribute to the YogiTimes blog and was happy to post about Josh Michaell's February Sanskrit Training. Kind of hilarious to blog about an ancient language but there you go for this day and age...ironies and contradictions all around.
Back to the green: provided you are in an urban environment and not already composting, recycling, using solar power, not buying new things, and online a lot, may I also recommend reading Lighter Footsteps.

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