Friday, March 21, 2008

No yoga practice today as it's a "moon" day, a full moon, and a traditional day of rest in the world of Ashtanga. Coming back to SF after 9 days in Austin for SXSW has taken til today though I got back on Sunday. Yoga practice has been key if difficult (mind you, that was 9 days of working, playing, watching music nearly 24-7 and sleeping a lot less than usual), and while I've been sore from that, I didn't rest today. Instead I went running with a very motivated co-worker who even gave me a wake up call. So I was up at Alamo Square pre-dawn in my new shoes, the moon still visible, the park still dark...and a bunch of birds just waking up. Lots of robins out about, 'tweeting' for real!

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