Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Book Recommendation: "Guruji: A Portrait"

My passions have been pretty equally divided between the worlds of music and yoga during the past decade. I literally had dreams about Sri. Pattahbi Jois last night, likely in part because I've been reading "Guruji: A Portrait of Sri K. Pattahbi Jois by His Students" cover to cover since I returned from Encinitas. So I feel duty bound to not only 1) get to India again soon but 2) re-share info about the book about this great yoga teacher who I was blessed to have practiced with several times before he passed in 2009. The book is full of great interviews with his daughter, son, grandson and granddaughter and the pioneering yogis who made their way to India before yoga was popular in the States.

".... you want to respect the teachers who brought this yoga to you. Guru-that is mula [root, base]. If you don't give that respect there is not coming God. That is very important. Some people change it, but it is just their ego. ..If you keep changing teachers, it is not correct. You will get confused." — Saraswathi Rangaswamy, in "Guruji: A Portrait"

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