Monday, November 15, 2010

Mysore, again

This is my third visit to Mysore, India, to study Ashtanga yoga in six years. I really do feel at home here, albeit jet-lagged. I spent my first few days taking care of logistics, catching up with some other students and sleeping... as well as re-establishing chai and coconut stand habits. While life moves much more slowly here, it's easy to find everything you need and Mysore is very livable. I'm told the city was named the second cleanest in India. Since my last visit, several new restaurants and a grocery store have opened. And the weather is mild. November is the end of the monsoon, the beginning of winter-while it's rained a bit the past few days, it's relatively warm. As the photos tell, motorcycles and scooters are a preferred mode of transport though it's also quite easy to walk and rickshaws are ever at the ready...which is what I'll be using for transport until the long-haul travel fog lifts.

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Kak√° said...

miss all that very much..
lots of love, light and peace in this new journey.