Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ashtanga Yoga Ibiza's Anurag Vassallo

One of the coolest extra benefit of practicing Ashtanga Yoga is the amazing international community one meets along the way. I crossed paths with Ashtanga Yoga Ibiza studio owner, teacher and devoted student Anurag Vassalo in Mysore, India last year. A one-time competitive skiier whose yoga practice has helped her work through skiing injuries, she met first met Sri Pattahbi Jois in India in 1996.  She recently answered some questions about running her Ashtanga studio in Spain.
Q When did you get the idea to start Yoga Ashtanga Yoga Ibiza?
AV: I started practicing and friend [were] asking for classes. This was long ago [and] there was no Ashtanga Yoga here in Ibiza. I got the idea to start Ashtanga Yoga Ibiza, and this happened after few years.

Q Who do you count as important teachers and/or mentors? How does their guidance inform Yoga Ibiza?
Sri K.Pattabhi Jois is my inspiration, but also other senior teacher [who were his students] were very important for me and for my practice. Graeme Northfield came many times to do workshops at Ashtanga Yoga Ibiza and I am very grateful for the energy, the enthusiasm the commitment and the guidance he brought to the Shala.

Q: What would you recommend to someone wanting to start a Yoga center or studio?
"Do your practice and all is coming!" — Pattabhi Jois (Guruji)

Q: What kind of workshops do you have coming up? Will you be offering anything new and different this year?
For Easter we had a 2- week workshop with Graeme Northfield. In August we have a big surprise. I prefer to keep silence till when is ready to confirm.

Q: How long have you been visiting Mysore and how was your recent trip?
: First time I went to Mysore was 1996. Last was this year in January— I just came back!

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