Monday, May 9, 2011

So Cal: Encinitas, Carlsbad & San Diego

Encinitas or bust

India Street's 'red parquet'

Jenn Franklin & Annelise Lechemenait @ Bar Dynamite
Lucha Libre's veg awesomeness for Cinco de Mayo
It was a sweet couple of weeks in Southern California combining music, yoga & friends. Sharath Rangaswamy— director of the Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore— was in Encinitas, CA leading two weeks of practice at Jois Yoga. I signed up for the second week, which segued nicely from my shows in San Luis Obispo, attendance at the ASCAP expo, LA gig and R&R pit stop in Pasadena. Yes, it was a busy run, so little blogging, but that much more gratitude to hang out with many of the winter Mysore yoga crew who'd flocked to one of San Diego County's coolest beach towns. True to form, after Sharath put us through our paces, 3-hour breakfasts, poolside action and beach walks became the program. Was this Mysore or Goa? No coconuts, cars instead of mopeds, clean feet, and plenty of acai reminded us it was firmly CA. That said, esprit de India prevailed. I was not complaining.
Amid all this I managed a gig May 5, returning to friendly Bar Dynamite in San Diego to share a gig with Jenn Franklin and Anneliste LeChemenait amid their Concrete Gypsies tour. It was extra nice to hear their stellar material live, perform my own set and see some friends from the Bay Area who happened to be in town. Viva So Cal.

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