Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rocking bindis stateside & more ways to give

Returning to San Francisco (hip, happening, friend-filled, yoga-studio saturated as it is) from my recent trip to Mysore still would have been extremely painful if it weren't such a happy holiday season. Rain and cold have thrown my Indian habit of bare feet out the window and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't missing my Rs6 chai stops and the parallel sweetness that is Gokulam living. Two weeks post landing, I've still got a suitcase on my floor, partly due to denial but mostly due to extra busy-ness. Shows and holiday parties (not to mention work) have not abated & this weekend has been sweet with catching up at festivities with old friends, some of whom are coming and going to/fro India themselves. My teachers at AYSF are about to set sail while another friend is about to participate in a an Indian adventure called the Rickshaw Run in the name of charity. If you'd rather give to a charity this holiday season rather than a shopping mall, I've some ideas! Check out 3 Guys & A Rickshaw's effort to support The Mercy Corps; or sponsor a child through Mysore-based Operation-Shanti.
And finally, here in SF Deborah Slater Dance Theater could use your support getting to New York for its runs at Joyce Soho.

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