Sunday, June 27, 2010

Read.East.Listen: Keeping the Faith

Between the oil spill, crazy weather & hearing from friend's going through tough times, I'm reminded that so much of everything is just a matter of keeping faith. Not blindly, mind you, but keeping in mind that sometimes that daily actions add up to big meaning over time. Sometimes easier said than done, yes. Some notes from the field of faith-keeping.

Read: "Guruji: A Portrait of Sri. K. Pattahbi Jois Through the Eyes of His Students," by Eddie Stern & Guy Donahue. Oooh, Ashtanga yoga lovers, and anybody interested in the yoga lineage, can pre-order this one now.
Eat: Blueberries and cream. I've been eating organic blueberries all week as the local co-op near where I've been staying had a special. Simple. Delicious. Good for you.
Listen: Guitar virtuoso Jeff Beck does "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" @ Eric Clapton's Crossroads Music Festival

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