Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Back to it: Content, Tempo, Balance

'Content. Tempo. Balance.' These words jump out from an interview with producer Daniel Lanois that I'm reading in the bathtub. Bucket baths and bathtubs are two very different things, mind you. While I heard they existed, I did not see one bathtub during my nearly 4 months in India; hence, I'm making up for lost time. Uh, em ... Anyhow, Lanois is discussing approaches to music production, musical or intuitive, listening for 'content, tempo and balance' being an example of the latter approach to production. Being more intuitive in my approach to ...well, most everything, I appreciate his spelling out these components. Someone mentioned that 'when you get off the plane in America, you're late' and I've been staving off this bit of culture shock, that huge disparity between the East and West in regards to perception of time. The basic content of my life (music, yoga, words) seems to travel wherever I go, but tempo and balance have a way of varying madly. After my Southern Indian idle, which was really quite busy, I came home to drizzly weather, a huge stack of mail, about 20 magazines ripe for bathtub reading, a lesser but more pressing number of bills, and the time check all tempered by a restored inspiration for action & creation... Berkeley is a nice ground for all of these things, I'm grateful to realize, the task 'simply' to maintain an appropriate tempo and balance. Post 18-hour sleep marathon shortly after arrival, I've pretty much jumped back into the swing of things here. I caught a house concert by the wonderful 77 El Deora, attended my songwriting workshop group (bedecking all, men and women, with a bindi), pumped up my tires to ride my bike to practice at Ashtanga Yoga Berkeley, and made my own chai to appraise the work ahead. Here goes....

Sunday, March 13, I'll be one of three featured songwriters at "Second Sundays with the SF Songwriter Collective" at Actual Cafe in Oakland. 4-6pm. Come on down.

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