Saturday, October 13, 2007

shut in with the 'wagon at velo rouge

Velo Rouge cafe straddles the line between restaurant, coffeehouse and club: they've a bike hanging from above the doorway plus a cup full of energy bars on the counter, Blue Bottle Coffee, wine and beer, a weekly prixe fix dinner,and live music on Friday nights and Sundays. The result is one of the more comfortable places to hang out and listen to music-especially if your friends are playing. I gave Emily (fresh off her band The Whoreshoes' turn at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass)a call when I read Mario's email announcing that his band, Mariospeedwagon, was sharing a gig at the Rouge along with The Shut Ins. Mario's has been a good songwriting friend since I first happened into the Bazaar Cafe several years ago; I knew Emily sometimes sat in with the Shut-Ins. Both bands specialize in songs with a high degree of goofiness ( "Macho Maria" from the SI's and the 'wagon's " Blonde" give you an idea), played well, and provide the lesson in not taking yourself seriously that some of us have have to relearn on occasion. That said, Mariospeedwagon quieted the washboard, trumpet and banjo to do a fine rendition of my favorite tunes, Mario's "Tree," with only guitar, drums and clarinet, to cap the evening.

On the Litquake (the Crawl is tonight) front, Karen alerted me that friend Suzy Parker will also be reading. Check your programs! I'll see you at the Laundromat on 22nd St.

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