Sunday, November 4, 2007

coincidences, etc.

Karen, with whom I've attended Day of the Dead Parades in the past, wrote that while she didn't consciously celebrate the day in NYC, several uncanny coincidences came up that reminded her of a lost loved one. While my Day of the Dead parade experience left me feeling agitated rather than connected to the spirit world, in retrospect I also had many reminders all weekend, in my case, of my mom. After mistakenly getting on a M train on my way to Steven's to pick up final mixes of three songs that are very much about lost family members I ended up at the Stonestown mall, a place I've only been to with my mom. When I finally arrived at Steven's studio, I found that he'd spontaneously worked on "Adding Water to the Ashes" on Friday while I was making my way through the Mission. Next to the mastering engineer. Slowly, slowly an EP is taking I went over some artwork ideas with Talbot at Grenade Graphics.... Projects make me happy.... as does good food, wine, music and friends. Ate at Sebo before Jacqui's Herbst performance last night, Cav sips post-show and Herbivore with Tracy after practice today. Sort of a fat and happy weekend, I realize.
On my radar in today's paper, a lecture series on "activism inspired by wisdom" at CIIS entitled "The Love That Does Justice"

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