Thursday, December 27, 2007

saving bays, counting birds & taking stock

I've been enjoying the sleepy pace of the city this week. Downtown is quiet, the buses have plenty of seats and there's nary a siren to be heard. I'm recovering from feasting and festivities, catching up on work while half the office is on vacation, practice (both yoga and musical) and setting my intents for the New Year: peace, both inner and outer, on top of the list. The quiet pace has been conducive to this, especially given the news. I'm very sad about Benazir Bhutto's assassination while the tiger killing at the SF Zoo has been creeping me out. I'm sad for the world, and sad for both the tiger and the family of the teen who was killed, zoos, to me, being a sorry, if better than nothing, way to learn about 'wild'life. If you're looking for another way to find out about species other than your own, there's still time!

Susan Ives reminded me that it's time for the Christmas Bird Count, where the Audubon Society sponsors counts of local bird populations across the the country. The CBC is a great example of "Citizen Science," that is grassroots efforts making an impact on knowledge, and hopefully change (kind of like blogging when done well). Hopefully, it will inspire folks to keep track of what's going on in their community (avian or otherwise) year round.
In the meantime, post-spill, Saving the Bay continues.
(bird photos NPS; Bhutto ©APS/Corbis)

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