Saturday, January 12, 2008

highway 101

Highway is like a timeline of my life a couple of decades and more ago, I thought driving back from San Luis Obispo today, digesting a full plate of catch up w/college friends and their growing families, a fun show shared with Vanessa (SLO crowds are not jaded by entertainment, and listen intently); reconnecting with a fellow musician from junior high and now more Santa Cruz friends and family. Some markers
King City: site of my first public speaking event as a young 4Her. I drove down with my dad and sister to do a "demonstration" at regionals. It seemed like so far to go.
Pinnacles National Monument: where I learned to climb in college and had a first pivotal date with my husband to be.
San Ardo: my first bike race! There were 10 women in the our field, so they lumped all categories together. I got dropped on the first hill but was not deterred and went on to compete 5 more years and cover the field....there's a lot more............

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