Wednesday, January 23, 2008

more tools for the liberation project

"Freedom's just another word for...."

Nearly every hour of today has had a meeting time by it's digit. Action plans....

My most exciting news? New recording is gonna start end of February/early March. Yippee!

Could it be because I did a cool workshop last night re: Emotional Freedom Technique. New information in the ongoing liberation project! Dr. Matt Coleman employs this so it wasn't totally new to me. It's simple and effective. I slept very very well and it's been a hyper productive day. I'll consider it another tool in the my ongoing liberation project kit. These folks have a lot more to say on it:

Check it out!

Also, I co-wrote the article on Raw Food in this months VegNews.

On the randoms, I was alerted to this trippy Arcade Fire interactive video for Neon Bible.

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