Monday, January 14, 2008

stop the spray

Santa Cruz County is among the most beautiful places in the world. I grew up there, but after getting away and around the world, I can honestly say that. Visiting this weekend, reminded me of why I love land, crave land, and ocean, and why the city has been getting to me. That said, visiting reminded me of how awful we (collective humankind) is toward land, despite decades of environmental understanding about pesticides. Rachel Carson wrote a book "Silent Spring" in 1962; DDT was banned in 1972; I spent much of the 80s helping the Predatory Bird Research Group recover a species who was endangered because of its use. Two decades later, I can't ignore the toxic effects on humankind. Two friends have very ill mothers; another former neighbor died; I spent time with one of my college classmates, my age, recovering from Stage 3 Breast Cancer. ...I've written many times about growing up across the street from apple orchards and playing in a schoolyard near fields that were regularly crop-dusted and how I'm convinced that my parents' lethal illnesses were pesticide related. So I was horrified to find that a whole other spraying campaign was happening in the county during my visit: So please do visit this and sign this petition to find alternatives to aerial spraying: Stop the Spray
On the music front, Dan Herman of Radio Crystal Blue is debuting a song of mine on his next live show, in
one of the two New Music Sampler segments. The show airs Sunday January 20 7pm ET and runs for 5-6 hours.
LIVE 365: To hear the live show, fans need to go to
and find the mic graphic that links to the Live365 station. This will lead you to the
official station at

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