Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Virtual: something that is almost something else.

I've been spending much of my life finding ways to get more real, get down to earth in a gentle way, and I see why it's taking a lifetime. Part of my New Year's Eve festivities was attending a 'hood party, a joyful event that made me appreciate "hayes valley high" anew. Plus it gave me my first chance to play on the "Wii" the cutting edge video game that lets you box, play tennis, bowl, what have you, in your very own living room. Get your exercise without leaving the home or hoisting a ball or racket. It was fun, a definite party ice breaker as its pretty hilarious to watch people do it as much as play. You CAN get exercise doing this and... it seems like yet another brick in the wall that finds people mediating more and more of their experience. I'm not that different given all the work I do online, but it's beginning to seem like going outside is a little more of a radical act than it should be, that we're missing the point of what connection really is.
That said, I'm feeling enervated, and hopeful, about our New Year's status and planning out the next three months of shows, projects and trips. I've a show in SLO on the 11th, a big birthday in six weeks and SXSW and the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute planned for March. The birthday party is actually the most radical for me. I usually spend this day quietly, but realize that's just buying in. So I am making plans for a shindig (it falls on 2/16, a Saturday). I welcome you're suggestions and help in coordinating. Music rather than Wiiing will be involved. You'll be hearing more.

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