Thursday, February 7, 2008

art and lies

Is a good, if not recent, book by Jeanette Winterson. I saw someone reading it on the bus recently and re-remembered this brave author. Other than that, being sick has killed a lot of my inspiration this week. Everyone I know has been downed by the bug in the past four weeks, me included. Ugh. So what to say when it's a challenge for me to look outside what's not feeling great? Be grateful for the actions of others.
So in the meantime, for laughs: Overheard at the Beach
and for art: an opening at 111 Minna as part of First Thursday: New paintings by Micah LeBrun, who I don't know, but I like his title: “The Bliss Of The Unknown, The Ignorance, And The Lies”
and for making the world a better place: hearing from Tracy that some recent fundraising efforts for Operation-Shanti are going well in India.

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