Wednesday, February 20, 2008

art and living

"The funny thing is, everyone has an answer for themselves but is baffled by everyone else. Possibly this is like life itself." By Chris Colin, Special to SF Gate in his article: "The mystery of the daytime idle: Why aren't you working?"

I read this while working. I'm very fortunate to be working at a job where I read a ton of different things throughout a day. I loved that line, hence I'm sharing it. I'm also loving the Quincy Jones autobiography Stefan gave me for my bday. It's inspiring on all levels, whether you're a musician or not. Not only do you get a history of jazz, it's a beautiful portrait of a life that transcended incredible hardships, and the power of communities. Thank you Stefan.
I'm also enjoying another present, this one from one of my local art mentors, Peter Whitehead: Vashti Bunyan's reissue CD Some Things Just Stick in Your Mind, whose liner notes are also notworthy for their "portrait of an artist" nature. Given all this inspiration, it was fitting that one of my other presents was a bag full of notebooks of various sizes from Deborah. (accompanied by a box of Bandaids to handle the blood, sweat and tears that will come with filling those pages). I'm rallying pals to go to her "Desire Line" March 28-29 at Cowell Theater. And while in art and living mode, I had to pick up a ticket to the Art of Living Foundation's Sri Ravi Shankar in Conversation with Michael Krasny. I was honored to very briefly interview Shankar for YogiTimes a couple of years ago--now he's got the mojo.

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