Saturday, February 16, 2008

it's all cake

I took most of this past year to wrap my head around the fact that I was about to enter my fifth decade on the planet. Turning 40 is quite an occasion for review, especially given the fact that I pretty much got off the tradition track at age 30. Instead of children I went down the other fork in the road--creative work and spiritual practice having been my main forms through which to learn many of life's lessons --and the number of this birthday brought that truth up like never before. After a fun evening with the colleagues and pals at the de young (which included attendance of Jello Biafra's reading about much of his wild ride of a life) today I can say, with complete sincerity, how grateful I am for the wild chances, blatant mistakes, serendipitous moves, and sober choices I've made as well as the people, opportunities, grief, love and beauty I've experienced because of them. And most of all, the many people I've had the priviledge of sharing the learning with. Love and appreciation everyone and here's to more love, peace, wisdom and joy to us all. Aging really is a good thing.
And wishing happy birthday to my twin brother Scott Crooks at the same time. Go bro!

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Karen said...

Happy Birthday, dear Deborah! Enjoy your party - wish I was there.