Saturday, February 9, 2008

sitting in

Very good to play again last night @ Nomad, hear a new songwriter in Silver Dave, and have Kwame play some guitar rather than bass, though I found I wasn't totally over the cold yet, despite copious amounts of hot water, lemon and garlic these days. Funny to have people like my voice that much better with more rasp. So it goes. I'm wondering is there a cure for the common cold past time and rest? Today the sun is out and hope springs eternal for renewed health. I think some of we San Franciscans just weren't tough enough to withstand the last month's abundance of wet AND cold. Once upon a time I rode a bike in 15 degree weather w/o blinking but that was a different chapter of this life. I will Believe it's all just what needs to move through. On the belief front, "Believe" a song I recorded in bits and pieces in 2007 arrived in my mailbox yesterday, fresh from the mastering engineer. You can hear it on my music site and/or myspace page. Let me know what ya think.

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