Saturday, March 22, 2008


KOYAANISQATSI: LIFE OUT OF BALANCE was made in the early 1980s, but like so many cautionary tales, was in its time and sadly hasn't become a relic, is even more relevant today. Let's just say if you didn't see it (or haven't ever traveled across the country in a car), its a documentary that relies on visuals: of desert landscapes, bomb tests, war zones and crowded sidewalks and LA freeways (by 1980s standards, by in these shots the traffic still moves) , where Al Gore relied on animated polar bears and bars and graphs in his film An Inconvenient Truth. I went to ATA last night, to revisit the movie most of all because Yoon Ki was part of the musical group doing a live, improv score to it (Phillip Glass was behind the original soundtrack). The local musician's did a swell job...and I left the showing completely disturbed for the world (if they'd wanted improv vocals, I would have been wailing).
So a long walk on the beach today on a glowing SF afternoon was the ticket: joyful children, flying birds [gulls! turnstones! willets!], surfers, crowded cafes (pitstop at Judalicious, yum).... LIFE in action. Phew.

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