Sunday, March 16, 2008


I had such a great time throughout the SXSW media circus, that I was content to be on my way home, standing outside of the Hilton Hotel/Convention Center waiting for the Super Shuttle to take me away a day earlier than I would have liked, texting some last good-byes, when I looked up.
"Billy Bragg!" I said, because I was too surprised not to say anything to the man walking toward me, who was as funny and kind on the sidewalk as he was on stage earlier in the week. After a few words, he gave me a hug and was on his way.
"That was pretty cool," said one of the other folks waiting for a ride.
Uhh, yeahhhhhhhhh, the buzz from that interaction staying with me fairly well as I sat on the tarmac in a delayed plane for more than an hour. Nonetheless, the numerous delays, nearly missed plane transfers and luggage ending up on a different plane, gave me the large dose of 'keep it real' I suppose I needed to come down from a phenomenal week, but that's another, much drearier story.

That said, it's good to be back, see friends AND have woken up to brilliant blue skies and sunshine.


Karen said...

Ah, so this is the star moment you called about. Cool. I'm back in NYC as of about an hour ago, sans luggage and after multiple tarmac delays and missed connections. Air travel sucks, but United Airlines gets a thumbs up this trip.

Bird in the Tree said...

Sounds like we had similar return trips...glad you liked United. I have to give Delta a thumbs down.