Thursday, March 6, 2008

Media blitz: tv, video, radio, oh my

I taped The Bruce Latimer Show live last night in Pacifica, California. That was a new experience, and warm up for all the fLipping and BlogHausing I'll be part of at SXSW early in the festival during Interactive. I'm psyched to hear (meet, I hope) Bill McKibben and see a bunch of folks. Wednesday, I transition to music, playing a gig at Agave Bar on 6th St. and watching and listening to the wealth of talent that will be there. Hee Haw. Billy Bragg, REM, et. al. Back in Pacifica, I only had time for one song, a fact I realized midway the first one. Would have chosen differently what to play but so goes. We found great community down on the coast at the Pacifica Community Television station. I don't know that Bruce knew what to do with me but we had a good laugh. You can check it out on Pennisula Cable TV station 26, at 10:30 pm Saturdays and 11 pm Sundays. I also think it might stream. To purchase a DVD of the show on the Bruce Latimer Show send an inquiry to

In other news, I'd love your support. I'll be one of the artists that will get
airplay on 3/9, as part of Radio Crystal Blue's coverage of Airplay Vote 2008..My "Turn It All Red" EP is a nominee. Please vote here:

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