Tuesday, March 11, 2008

transparency, transparency ...and integrity

Heads are spinning after four days of SXSW interactivity. Schwag, new products, Twitter-mania. What does it all mean other than we have mor eoptions than ever? Nonetheless, there are common threads amid the panels & hallway chit-chats about connecting, and managing and spinning your unique tale/product/service. Keywords here, in regards to effective social media, whatever your level of engagement, are transparency and integrity. Today's age is about showing your cards. (right, Conversation Party @ Iron Cactus, ©ChrisHeuer photo)

That said, as I sit here at a panel on attracting angel investing, be advised that your transparent self is well served if it reflects the folllowing attributes:

Integrity, passion, experience, knowledge, commitment and leadership.

Success stories here that demonstrate that walking of talk are Zappos and Twitter. Zappos has been handing out rain jackets just at the right time & toting a cool book about its unique culture and Twitter is the most used tool for getting information across, whether it's directions to the Scissors for Lefty performance I caught at the Limewire show (video tk) or where to find vegetarian.

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