Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I'm very inspired to write but it's gonna take longer than I'm aloting to blogging today. That said, I watched the 1 Giant Leap DVD last night which offered up some choice quotes. I had the CD for years and picked up the DVD on a whim last night and this quote got me going:

"... believe in nothing, everything is sacred... believe in everything, nothing is sacred.” — Tom Robbins

in other good news, that most people reading know, Junot Diaz won the Pulitzer. I've loved his short stories in the past...now I gotta read his book


Karen said...

Leave it to Robbins to say something circular like that. I'll bet he doesn't know what it means any better than I do.

Anonymous said...
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pb said...

i have that quote on my "myspace" page under the "heroes" deal.
afterwards i have "choose your own adventurer" because i think that's important.
i am very excited for your inspiration! of course, now i'm inspired to see this video you've highlighted - i'd never known about it before. thank you!


pb said...

p.s. the previous comment from "dumuro" appears to be a hoax and i would approach it with caution. :)

Bird in the Tree said...

I take it to be a creed about equanimity and everything is sacred when it's held equal w/all else