Sunday, April 6, 2008

tweeting up

Yesterday was unplug day, enjoying beauty treatments (Maiko has her own place now in Hayes Valley)pedicures, talking to pals who have known me for more than a decade in real time, reading magazines whose pages turn, walking through parks, ya get the picture Though I hardly qualify as a luddite, it's all relative. In the social media world, I'm still pretty old-school. Nonetheless, I've embraced Twitter. Of all the tools out there, it seems the most effective for getting word out quickly.


Karen said...

Well, Miss Old School, meet Miss Older School Still. After months of Facebook, I swear I still can see very little purpose for it in the real world. And honestly, even less with Twitter. Criminy! (That word alone dates me, doesn't it?) Who would want a minute by minute commentary from each and every one of their friends?

Bird in the Tree said...

its best for breaking news, logistics, questions and events. Very useful @sxsw...and yes judicious readership/posting is advised