Wednesday, May 28, 2008


One of my favorite booths at last weeks Capsule Design Fair was Namaste Mofo. Most people know I've been practicing yoga a while. I know well how we yogis can get over sanctimonious, and be completely clueless on how to take their yoga out of the studio (aka walking your talk). So if you need to laugh at it all visit this site:

On a different note (but somewhat tangental to the unsaid topic for this post= commitment), Jafar Thorn over at Expressions College for Digital Arts sent out this email on all the excuses he's heard over the years. More to laugh at.

Jafar's Top Ten Reasons for a Band to Cancel
#1 Drummer broke foot
#2 Guitarist broke hand
#3 Bassist got girlfriend
#4 Drummer got a paying gig
#5 Singer missing
#6 Band van keys locked in band van
#7 Mistook AM for PM when booking
#8 Band broke up
#9 Decided to pay for studio time elsewhere
#10 Put your excuse here

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