Monday, May 5, 2008

weekend highlights

The weekend was really busy so blogging went out the window. When I wasn't somewhere I was home trying to recover. Highlights:

  • hanging out in the 'hood with friends and neighbors post work on Friday
  • doing a shot with music pals at Cafe du Nord for Yoon Ki's show w/Pine Box Boys
  • meeting someone with tattoos of Buddhist deities all over his body— and getting a preview of many of them in the club after the show
"How long did it take?" "every other day for a year."

Now that's commitment!!!! wish I had my camera

  • Strawberries and snapdragons at Fillmore Farmer's Market
  • Backyard brunch w/Renee and crew in Bernal Heights
  • Laughing at it all with gravity7 in an ill-fated attempt to get to the Maker's Fair & bagging the traffic jam for food and a mini jam
  • discovering California Honeydrops @ Sean Hayes show
  • Clearing all the chaos all of the above engendered w/an actual full practice @ AYSF
  • another brunch, this one with the Lower Haight crew
  • remembering/rediscovering Indian/Indian-inspired music after a discussion about that country

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