Friday, June 27, 2008

ideas, inspiration

This week, staying in due to the smoke-filled skies, I explored some cool sites and made some new discoveries:

Fora TV aka the "Brilliant Ideas Network" with brilliant ideas on just about any topic you'd think about.

TED's site has archives from past conferences, also about ideas.

I've long been a Peter Gabriel fan and his latest project Big Blue Ball is inspiring me big-time.

Also listening to: the new Death Cab for Cutie CD.

Local discovery: the crew at PSOAS Bodywork- key to relieving my beleaguered back. Oddly enough, my seemingly randomly selected therapist has roots in both triathlon and yoga.

Ok, so now it's go save the world time. Which reminds me David Lowery ('if you want to change the world/shut your mouth and get right to it) is playing the Independent with Camper Van Beethoven at the same time I'll be playing in San Luis Obispo. Alas, can't be everywhere.....

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