Saturday, June 14, 2008

options online and of

There's an extensive menu of potential things to do this weekend: Hayes Valley Block Party, the North Beach Festival (hmm, Cathy Richardson is playing that), The Stern Grove festival (inc. Booker T Jones), and free admission at the De Young represent just a fraction of what's going on. Fold in dinner with friends, the need to catch up with basics, yoga, getting ready for the next two weekend's shows and's a glut. A wealth of options that is mirrored by the online community explosion, having spent much of the work day sifting through a mailbox full of offers to join various nings, forums, and new social media groups. Twitter, Tweetscan, or Summize? Facebook or Myspace? Friend Feed or Yoono? Then someone mentioned they were having a "Feed Fight" and I couldn't think about it anymore.
The good news? We can count ourselves extremely fortunate that there is no shortage of ways--off or on line--to share ideas, experiences, media and work and hopefully feel connected to your fellow human beings.

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