Thursday, June 19, 2008

Practicing ideas

Seeking inspiration, I pulled down some old copies of Shambhala Sun and randomly turned to an article/interview with author Maxine Hong Kingston. Having been thinking about ideas, (talked w a co. called Bright Idea yesterday, this a.m. an email arrived re: The Idea Festival), the ones that got away, the dim ones and the bright ones, how you must follow an idea with action and how in some ways, all those ideas have led to now, I was buoyed by her thinking on their simple power in and of themselves. Years ago, Hong Kingston lost one of her nearly completed books in a the Oakland Fires, and a sidebar included a snippet of an essay about that experience and how Idea, big minded, alive, survived the devastation.
Her words are propelling me forward today:
"Idea has weight and life; I can feel it. Ideas are pervious to firebombs, which shoot through them without harming them. Americans own too many things. I can feel Idea because I am thingless, and because of my education, thinking, reading, meditation. ...Having ethics, even intentions and aspirations, turns you in the right idea direction, toward some lasting idea about good. I am a manifestation of Idea, food that makes blood, bones, muscles, body, self. I stood alive in the fire, and felt ideas our into me." — from Maxine Hong Kingston's"The Fifth Book of Peace"

Finall, this very popular FatBoy Slim Video "Try Harder" arrived. It's a MOTIVATE kind of day!

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