Friday, June 6, 2008

Sex in the City

I flew into New York the day Sex in the City the movie opened—where it was playing every hour on the hour—but I waited 'til I got back to San Francisco to see the flick last night with Emily and Mindi. None of us were exactly hard-core S.I.T.C. fans and it still felt like a bit of an event. Say what you will about rampant branding, consumerism, and over-the-top plot twists, there's a reason this show is still selling out on both coasts: the script writer and the cast manage to portray most of the big questions me and most of my women friends face in this brave new world of anything goes relating, multiple choice careers and lingering sexism, both internalized and externalized. We were laughing, cheering, groaning and welling up with the rest of the audience. Plus Jennifer Hudson does a great turn as Carrie's assistant. My only complaint was the song used for the closing credits, which Hudson sings, had some dog lyrics.


Karen said...

Oh good, I'm glad you liked it. I can be a little more eager to see it despite all the criticism.

Karen said...

Just saw SATC. Can't decide if I hated it or loved it. Still a little too fairy-talish--talk about setting unrealistic expectations for happy endings. Good eye-candy tho.