Monday, June 23, 2008

Those awful words "They say..."

If there's one term I despise it's "they say." It always implies that the person saying it has given over their power to some strange, shady pseudo-expert or experts. Who are 'they'? I always want to know. The latest from the Stop the Spray camp, reminds me to always question rulings, 'authorities' and get the facts before thinking something has ended or making a decision. This is the latest:

"Other than a modification of aerial spraying over cities, the CDFA and USDA are staying the eradication course and their program could become more dangerous to people and the environment than what they were planning at the beginning of the week.

The CDFA/USDA eradication program is still going forward... Here are the program modifications: No aerial spraying in urban areas BUT aerial pheromone spraying in agricultural areas and forested areas including spines, ridges, mountains and inaccessible areas. They will prepare a "new" aerial spray map and let people know ahead of time before they spray.

Twist Ties along roads in street trees and in yards, non-stinging wasps, pheromone ground based program, mobile treatment (read ground spraying with truck foggers), permethrin splats on utility poles 8 feet up. They said it would not be Checkmate but two types of pheromone mixed with a carrier. They said there would be no Prop 65 ingredients."

Ugh, is what I think reading this. That said, it's easy to get your voice heard by signing petitions, and writing your representatives. Go here for action tips: Stop the Spray Resources

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