Monday, July 21, 2008

Choosing GOOD

"Don't bring me bad news/no bad news/I don't need none of your bad news/today"Patty Griffin (on Children Running Through)

So, no, I didn't go see "The Dark Knight" this weekend. I'm sure it's wonderfully cinematic—I did read the rave reviews—but I'm in Patty mode: I don't want to see dark underbellies as viewing entertainment right now, thank you (plus seeing poor Heath's be-Jokered face all over the city billboards and bus sides saddens me). I know they're there. I read the paper, and god knows that's only the half of it. SOOOOO...Amid more musical busyness this weekend (Pine Box boys show, swapping tunes with a neighbor, mixing on the CD that's this close to going to the mastering engineer), I stopped into Good Magazine's "Choose Good Block Party" at 111 Minna on Sunday. Alas, I missed most of the event, but still had the chance to donate to KIVA, subscribe to GOOD, customize a T-shirt by live screenprinters Hit+Run, talk to a few other do-gooders and generally avoid the bad news.

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