Sunday, August 17, 2008

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I'm off to Yoshi's later today for a kid's matinee performance by Kenny Burrell. In the meantime, I'm checking out the week ahead in SF.
Outside Lands, the big music festival that's debuting at Golden Gate Park next weekend, is saturating much of the media, local and otherwise. The radio is playing ads nonstop, an old-school billboard greets commuters coming across the Bay Bridge from Oakland and nearly every music blog I read features the virtual equivalent be it flashing sidebar or banner ad. The first time our venerable park is hosting music after dark, nearly ever rock star known to current music fans seems to be converging on SF for three days. Still, not as many people as I'd think are going. High ticket prices and sheer overwhelm being two key factors to festival judiciousness. That said, I'm planning to go to at least part of it. A sucker for both classic acts such as Tom Petty and Steve Winwood, and curious about the all-green ethos and Crowdfire aspect, I've got a one-day ticket for Saturday. I play Velo Rouge Cafe Friday night at the same time as Beck and Radiohead (:)) and Sunday I'm torn between some traditional shows in town. Maria Muldaur and friend Jacqui Naylor are holding down both the Oakland and SF Yoshi's, respectively, The Waifs are in town and, reality check, I'll likely have to do my laundry some time during the weekend. Options. Too many sometimes.

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