Monday, September 29, 2008

Calexico @ The Fillmore

The music is not rocket science or particularly ground-breaking but the Tuscon-based band that is Calexico is one of those seamlessly yummy blends of electric, steel & acoustic guitars, drums, stand-up bass, accordion, and trumpets and slightly edgy heart-soaked lyrics that come in both English and Spanish...and just... swoon. Kind of like a perfect salsa of sound is what I'm calling it—the band played a set last night at the Fillmore that satisfied the ear the way a good roasted pepper, garden-tomato filled salsa does the mouth—a slow burning build of texture, cool, heat and spice. I bought two CDs, the new "Carried to Dust" and "The Book and the Canal" from their extensive back catalog and listened to them half the night after I got home. Ai-yay-yay

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