Saturday, October 11, 2008


Perhaps it was the general 'lid-being-off state' of the world this past week, but I didn't do the half of what I'd planed to do this weekend despite all the great stuff promised. No Litquake, no Eric's party, no Kitka, as was written on the calendar. Instead, time spent with close-to-home friends (congrats to Cathy for graduating and Jacqui on the latest CD) and family (thanks Alexis for the make-up; Cindy for the travel journal), the laundry, one Iyengar and one Ashtanga yoga class, work on a new song for tomorrow's Song Collective meeting and shopping for the big trip that's now less than two weeks away, won out. I even took a break from reading the news (tho Good & The New Yorker both arrived so current events did get in a little). The result? My skin doesn't feel quite as thin. And wow, whata beautiful, cusp-of-fall, weekend.

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