Monday, March 8, 2010

Read.Eat.Listen: The Road

The road starts here. Every time I'm set to take off, I have to revisit past ground. In this case, a pre-tour-mini-tour of the central coast this past weekend, down Highway 1 to Monterey, through Big Sur, San Luis Obispo and back. It's like an un-offical touching base: both in playing songs (thank you, my band & Jose's Underground Lounge in Monterey for fun and SLO's Linnaea's for coffee house classicism) in the a variety of arrangements and getting back to bedrock, in this case the craggy California coast. In typical Highway 1 fashion, travel was slowed by a rock slide. should there be a road here?one wonders, sitting at the side of the road for an hour while a crew cleared a way the debris, grateful at the same time for the view, perilous thought it may be.
Read: Lonely Planet Road Trip California Highway 1
Eat: Duarte's is a classic road stop tavern on Highway 1 in Pescadero. Artichokes are growing along vast swaths of the highway near Pescadero, Santa Cruz and Monterey. Duarte's soup makes great road soup. Even NPR covered it! Duarte's Artichoke Soup Make it vegan, by sub veg broth and unsweetened rice milk for chicken broth & cream, olive oil for butter)
Listen: "Feeling of Falling" Bonnie Raitt (from Longing In Their Hearts - 1994)

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