Friday, May 7, 2010

Lilith Local Talent: Please Vote!

Lilith Fair, the pioneering women-led music festival that Sara Mclachlan founded in the 1990s, is back! And they're giving locals a chance to take a turn on the Lilith Stage at each stop. Of course I'd love to play and I can't do it without your vote. I appreciate if you my chances by voting at Ourstage between now and May 21. Here's how:
1. Sign up at with a Fan account
3. Click the Green Tab that says "MAKE THIS MY FAVORITE ARTIST"
4. Click the "JUDGE" TAB on Top
5. On the right select "LILITH FAIR CONTEST"
6. Choose "LILITH FAIR : San Francisco/Los Angeles/San Diego
7. Listen to at least 15 seconds of each song. Choose your favorite. Continue until you reach "FALLING - DEBORAH CROOKS" Choose it as your favorite "BY FAR" and put it at the TOP of the list.

Many thanks!
Falling, by Deborah Crooks on OurStage


Karen said...

I've been enjoying It's All Up to You this week. Thank you!

Bird in the Tree said...

I'm glad to hear it Karen!