Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mysore Check-In: Cows, Monkeys, Stars

It's been a day of close cows. This afternoon, three black and white cows bedded down outside the front gate like a bunch of cats. Not right outside the front gate, mind you (I could get out, unlike a friend who was stuck in a house one day when an angry cow blocked her teacher's front door!) but adjacent to it. Earlier in the day, I was sitting in a rickshaw, waiting for the driver, when the vehicle rocked a bit. Earthquake? No. Just a half dozen oxen moseying past a little closely. I got home as several monkeys were simultaneously marauding the garbage and fighting with some street dogs. Two months into my trip and I'm that much more immersed in Mysore and it's mix of livestock-in-the-yard, wild & cosmopolitan community and overall yogic urbanity. Practice, chai, papaya, rehearsals (usually on the roof), lessons (the Indian scale sinks in deeper), lunch (thali or?), coconut, repeat, with some writing, napping, and performances thrown in. My feet are rarely really clean from walking on dusty roads, good hair days are likewise few and far between, I'm alternately happy and cranky/impatient with my practice...and overall, I'm in a state of suspended contentment, in a different sense of time. Thankful.

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