Saturday, April 30, 2011

Walk Like An Egyptian May 7-8

Zambaleta is my favorite world music education center + in San Francisco. When they say 'world music' they mean it. Inclusive to all forms,  folk, gypsy jazz and rock rub shoulders with samba, raga and more.
May 7-8, the school is ring-leading a 2-day "Walk Like An Egyptian" benefit festival in San Francisco packed with great music including music from The Blank Tapes, Buxter Hoot'n, Foxtail Brigade and Quinn DeVeaux. Taking place in the Mission, not far from Zambaleta HQ, expect a part-ay.
"In Egyptian slang, the term 'Zambaleta' is used to describe a spontaneous cacophony. And as we have seen in recent events, zambaletas are not necessarily inconsequential. The Egyptian revolution started with a zambaleta," says founder Mina Girgis. "We hope Zambaleta's spirit of possibility and accessibility continues to impact our community in unforeseen ways."

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