Monday, May 23, 2011

Bird's Nest Jazz Parties

The weekend came with one of those happy, local discoveries: Bird's Next Jazz Parties in Oakland. One of my voice teachers, the master vocalist and jazz singer Faith Winthrop was performing at the concert series curated and run by singer and host Cathi Walkup. What a treat to sit in a loft living room with a bunch of other music lovers as Faith entertained and wowed us — she is really one of the best and most erudite singers I've ever heard live — with a set based on the work of Mabel Mercer and Johnny Mercer. Backed by Art Khu on piano and Chuck Bennet on bass, it was truly a GREAT afternoon of music (and it included a break for a home-cooked meal!). Faith mentioned some more local shows coming up in the next 6 months: check her website for info. Likewise, Bird's Nest presents its listening concerts 'in support of jazz community, with the finest in music, food & friendship' each month.

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