Monday, July 18, 2011

NW x LA: Artichokes, Carmeggedon & Wine & Song

The Back Gate stage is a lovely room

Amid set-up at The Trip
Wine & Song in Pasadena

Kwame gets the light in PTown
It's been a busy month with little time at home: an unofficial West Coast Tour kind of ...occurred. The time in the Northwest was amazing. Lovely hosts in Eugene, Portland and Seattle; warm, fun gigs and general music making with friends and family all around, including a new discovery in the music community that is Artichoke Music. Lovers of acoustic songwriters take note of this one-two store and stage.  In between, there was some time for a bit of yoga and a bit of, yes, crabbing ...Now I'm in LA, where I've thus far experienced the bust (and benefits) of 'Carmeggedon,' talked with Swoops at Swoop's World Radio, revisited the friendly stage at Viento y Agua and enjoyed a day at the beach. And the week is young! Next official appearance is Wednesday in Pasadena as part of Brad Colerick's Wine & Song Series. I'm sharing the bill with the wonderful Aireene Espiritu. If you're in these parts, do say hello.

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Firefly Bistro

Brad Colerick's Wine & Song Series 7pm

1009 El Centro Street
Pasadena California 910

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