Sunday, August 28, 2011

CA Gigging: Around the Bay & Back

Playing with Tim & Kwame in Sacramento as part of Gimme the Gig
It's been a full couple weeks of fairly-close-to-home gigging albeit with much variety. Last Friday, I drove up to Sacramento with Tim (bass) and Kwame (guitar) to take part in the Gimme the Gig Tour.  Gimme the Gig is actually a contest run by Ford Focus to work with famed producer Don Was and win some nice Ford automobile prizes. As Don Was has produced many of my favorite artists including Bonnie Raitt, Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones, Willie Nelson  AND Lucinda Williams I was pretty excited to take part in the hoopla...only it involves more than playing.  If you're reading this, please take a moment to go to Gimme The Gig site and vote for my Let's Move video. It's in the 'D' section under "Vote for Your Favorite Bands," and you may need to scroll down a little. Click on the video to be led to how to vote. Thank you! I'm ever so grateful for your vote to help "Gimme The Gig

Mi familia
The next night was a sweet warm performance in Santa Rosa at Aroma Roasters where my sisters and Aunt made a surprise appearance. This was a treat as was having some friends from my Colorado days in the audience. The rest of the crowd was lovely. Thank you Santa Rosa. 

This weekend, I played one of the coolest venues in SF, Viracocha, as part of the Lovely Bella's Showcase. The Lovely Bella's are a network of female artists in the Bay led by Kristina Bennet and Kristina Soriano whom I was introduced to by violist Tatiana Ecoiffier. The evening featured a slew of talented and diverse vocalists. We loved both listening and performing in this cozy, speakeasy-esque Mission District venue.

Tatiana accompanies pianist Kristina Soriano @ Viracocha SF

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