Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Vegetable Love: CSA's & Farmer's Market Week

Weekly delivery

Watermelon juice
I don't have room and, admittedly, attention, for a garden. But that has nothing to do with my love of fresh fruit and vegetables. In India, I loved how the vendors would pedal through the neighborhood streets selling papayas and pineapples, tomatoes and 'ladyfingers' from bike-born carts. I didn't love that there was really only one 'organic' farmer's market where a handful of farmers sold out their offerings in the first 15 minutes of the market's 'hours.' In Northern California, of course, I'm spoiled: Farmer's Markets every day of the week (and hey, it's National Farmer's Market Week), a high level of awareness for organics and a wealth of Community Supported Agriculture farms and services that make it ever-so easy for lazy and/or too-busy people like myself have the bounty of the season delivered each week. I'm a recent devotee of the CSA box subscription: fresh peppers, garlic, basil, watermelon and other surprises as the season dictates. Congruent with my allegiance to the CSA has been a refound infatuation for my juicer. Do you know how lovely fresh, and toast worthy Watermelon Juice is? Yeah!


Phillip said...

We currently have half-a-blender's worth of watermelon juice in the fridge. Yum. We have two farmers' markets up here in the high desert and one of us is there every Saturday am. It's not all organic unfortunately, but its all locally grown.

Bird in the Tree said...

Great minds....