Monday, April 30, 2012

On the Bay

I'm not a sailor — I prefer floating and tranquil kayak paddles to heavy wind and wave — but I live with one. So very slowly I've been acclimating to sailing. As a result I am gaining a new found appreciation of the San Francisco Bay despite having lived near it much of my life. Yesterday, was a gorgeous and calm day: surf scoters and pelicans, terns and at least one sea lion were coasting over or in the water, and I got more sun than I bargained for despite the SPF 50 sunscreen. It was a great cap to a busy weekend of shows.
When the Bay is looking this good, it's easy to forget how many people have fought to save the bay from pollution, over-development and general decline.  Prompted to do some research on SF Bay whose currently helping the Bay, I found a great list on Bay Nature of local advocacy and conservation groups to support or with whom to volunteer. Check it out!

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