Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hot diggity

There was a street fair, or rather 'Spring Festival,' taking place in town all weekend and our block appears to have been turned into the children's annex. Ours is one of a few residential buildings so our front sidewalk is clear, but one lot away, it's all about giant inflatable bounce houses, a petting zoo and a mobile race track. Occasionally, we'd hear a child squeal as he or she descends the slide of the largest inflatable rig, but it's the drone of a large generator as it pumps the bounce things with air that dominates the sound space. Normally, Sundays are fairly quiet around here, but this weekend I had the vague feeling I'm backstage at a county fair or traveling with the carnival.
Inflatable bounce homes didn't exist for me as a child. Slides were metal and slightly dangerous.  We burnt off excess energy jumping up and down on the beds in the house or running through sprinklers on hot days.  The fair came to town once a year where we road the Ferris wheel and ate corn dogs, a festival staple that, from the looks of Park St. today, has persisted despite revised dietary guidelines and Fast Food Nation. This always surprises me...the persistence of bad food and fast food...especially in the Bay Area which is hardly a food desert... but that's a much larger issue.... Anyhow, past actual corn dogs and hot dogs, I was reminded of the track by that name on Led Zeppelin's last album...which led me to Elvis Presley...Happy listening. 
Led Zeppelin - Hot Dog

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Elvis Presley -  Can't Help...

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