Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Read.Eat.Listen: A Melange

Read: I've been horrified and riveted to all the sobering news about the Arctic Ice Melt. Here's one from The Atlantic: The Mystery at the Heart of This Year's Record-Setting Arctic Ice Melt. PS: Save the Arctic
Eat: Despite my childhood aversion, I've come to love kim chi and sauerkraut, and have taken to eat it regularly. Cultured Pickle Shop in Berkeley, makes many creative and delicious variations of the standard cabbage mix and sells it by the wonderful jarful. It's not really cheap, especially if you eat it like I do. So this week I had a bit of a kim chi test kitchen going. A lot of chopping and now some kitchen shelf steeping. It looks good. It smells good. We'll see how it tastes tomorrow.
Listen: Just got turned onto Charlie Peacock via NoiseTrade, a Yuba City native whose gone on to have a hand in producing a lot of other folks. Hard to categorize--singer/songwriter meets jazz artist meets gospel. Check him out.

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