Thursday, November 29, 2012

Read.Eat.Listen: Dream baby

Read: Provided I have the right sleep conditions, I'm one of those folks who likes to dissect my dreams for meaning. I don't know if it's the change in seasons or my recent move, but conditions for dreaming have been optimal. My friend Liz turned me onto this Signs & Symbols book many years ago, I found the tome amid the recent packing and unpacking and have been having fun interpreting things anew.
Eat: It's raining, it's [not quite] pouring. Soup is on. Behold the Adzuki Bean. I like it stewed up with wakame. So does The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen (whose much better at listing ingredients in proper recipe format--I tend to eyeball everything that goes into the pot).
Listen: Trixie Whitley, daughter of the ultra amazing guitarist, Chris Whitley, has cool and talent in spades. Did you hear the project she did with Daniel Lanois, Black Dub? Check it out. In any case, Trixie does a lot of other projects, solo and otherwise, as well. In anticipation of catching her performance in SF next week, I'm enjoying some of her online media:

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