Sunday, January 22, 2017

Heartened: Women's March Bay Area

I feel so heartened today, a day after the Women's March on...Everywhere. I participated in Oakland, along with 60-80,000 other people interested in peace, love, social justice, equal rights, black lives matter, the environment, acceptance, community, democracy and resisting the mandate of the new president. Wow! We lined up...and couldn't move for more than an hour, by that time, joining a re-routed bunch of marchers in downtown Oakland. Multi-cultural, men, women, children, peaceful, it was a day of renewed hope in humanity. And then coming home and watching the news reports of the millions of women all over the world participating andresisting. Wow! There's so much love! Wow, people DO have the power. Wow! Women are going to lead this. Let's go!

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